About Us

Advantages of iConsultMD


We support multiple aspects of healthcare and business processes related to outcomes and performance.


Our benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to a Plastic Surgery Educator
  • We deliver a professional custom response, rapidly interpreting submitted images and sending current best practice information for your on-site staff
  • Responses include information useful for development of patient triage and management plans
  • Improvement of ED and Urgent Care throughput
  • Better patient retention in nursing homes
  • Reallocate resources to improve Quality Assurance
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Cost Avoidance

  • Minimize facility transfers for routine or emergent conditions
  • Control availability of personnel during transfers
  • No more unnecessary calls to Plastic Surgeons
  • Save on Service Level Agreements with local Plastic Surgeons
  • Avoid costly delays in EDs and Urgent Care centers

Improving Return on Investment

  • Efficient wound care
  • Cost effective use of dressing materials
  • Improved EMTALA compliance
  • Minimize risk of pressure ulcer progression

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